abstract landscape scene of camp verde Arizona by artist Mary Rae Rush Mary Gravelle
I began this oil painting of an abstract landscape on Saturday. Below is a video of the process in its beginning stages. The scene captures the essence of what I see outside my studio window. There is a weed that is covering the ground in the most beautiful shade of lime green or chartreuse. The Camp Verde, Arizona landscape is green opposed to the red dirt of Sedona. Since plein air painting with my business, […]

Abstract Landscape In Process

Salt Mine plein air painting
I finished this plein air painting in one sitting at the old salt mine in Camp Verde, Arizona. The location is across the street from where I live. Plein Air Process Facing the sun is probably not the best idea, but I loved the view! The visor on my hat blocked the sun anyway. I have recently switched to oil paints from my beloved acrylics. I am still working out the logistics like getting oily […]

New Painting – Plein Air Salt Mine

The Soft Approach, 12 x 24 inches, oil on MDF, copyright 2017 Mary Gravelle. featured image slide southwestern landscape painting
This scene is the awesome view out my kitchen window of my new place in Camp Verde, Arizona. When I painted it, the mountains were snow-capped. The snow has melted now. This new painting is the first oil painting that I have painted in a long time. It is my desire to switch back to oils. Since acrylic paints are made from petroleum, it is my small part in helping the environment. I want to paint solvent-free. […]

New Painting: The Soft Approach

Art Pillows by Mary Gravelle
I’m having so much fun seeing how my Southwestern landscape paintings look as art pillows. I have made three of my Silver City, New Mexico landscape paintings available as art pillows. They are Dawn’s Light, Lush 2, and Delightfully Serene. Check them out on my art website. Add some beauty to your home. They will look equally great on your couch or bed. Or perhaps you can think of another place to put them. The […]

NEW Art Pillows From Landscape Paintings

Fay Canyon landscape painting, Hidden Staircase by Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle)
I recently completed this landscape painting of Sedona location at Fay Canyon. I hiked up to the arch four times to complete it. This painting was a joy to paint. The painting process unfolded in an abstract subject matter for this acrylic landscape painting. It captures the spirit and energy of the land. There is an air of mystery out on the land in Sedona. According to a local man who has lived in Sedona […]

Sedona Landscape Painting Hidden Staircase

Southwestern Paintings for Sale The following paintings are currently for sale and looking to fulfill their destiny by finding their forever home. Is it yours? Do any of these paintings seem to be calling your name? If so, follow the purchase link. Or contact me for further information, phone (928) 254-8709, email They were all painted en plein air at a location in Sedona, Arizona USA. Celebrate the spirit and energy of the land. […]

Paintings Ready to Find Their Forever Home

Welcome to Sedona, 12 x 24 inches, Acrylic on MDF, Copyright 2016 Mary Gravelle. Sedona landscape painting. Southwestern landscape painting.
Finished! The en plein air painting, a Sedona landscape painting, from the location at Airport Mesa, Brewer Trail in Sedona is now complete. It took me four visits to the site and a little bit of studio time to finish it up. This is one of my favorite views in Sedona. Almost a 360-degree view, it is split into two spectacular 180-degree views from each side. The view I chose for this painting looks out […]

New Sedona Landscape Painting

My painting is ready for action!
What a joy to paint with other artists on Saturday at the Sedona Arts Center paint out at Slide Rock State Park during their Apple Festival. The Sedona Plein Air Festival begins on Friday, Oct. 15. This community paint out was a marketing event for that. The not-very-good photo at left is the second in process photo while working on it at home the day after the event. I’m getting somewhat faster with my plein […]

In Process Landscape Painting of Slide Rock Park

In last week’s article, I said that I would research acrylic paints and report back with their impact upon the environment. I found so much other information about how artists can go green in their studio, including information about acrylic paints. So, I’ll stick with the original idea for now. I’ll report in future blog posts what this research is bringing to my awareness. I wonder what impact my art making activities are making upon […]

Acrylic Paint – Is it Environmentally Friendly

Commissioned painting of Bell Rock Sedona AZ and owners cats dylan and dexter
Lately, as I become more aware of the environmental footprint of the oil industry, the injustices to our fellow man, and abuses to the animals of this world, this question arises, “How far down the rabbit hole must I journey to do what is within the highest integrity in respect to everything around me, including all of life”? In particular, what is my part as an artist in all this? What is the role and […]

Should the Artist Travel Far Down the Rabbit Hole of ...

Acrylic Skins Class Sep 14 & 21, 2016
Acrylic Skins Class on Sep 14 & 21 Join Us! The first Acrylic Skins class was so much fun that I will do it again this month. Join us on two Wednesdays from 9 am to Noon on Sep. 14 & 21 at the Sedona Arts Center. This class will give you knowledge and hands-on experience in making and using acrylic skins. You will also use them in a painting. How Can You Use an […]

Acrylic Skins Class Sep 14 & 21 Join Us!