Plein Air Painting at the old salt mine in Camp Verde, AZ 5 x 7 inches, oil on canvas
I’ve been designing a book cover for my forthcoming book, Ignition. I’ve also been formatting it for Kindle. This has required a lot of computer time. So, it was time to go out to do plein air painting!  I flung on my backpack full of painting supplies and hit the trail. This location is just a short walk from my house. It’s long enough to give me a sense of exercise too. My eyes surveyed the landscape which […]

New Plein Air Painting

turkey vulture painting
  This Turkey Vulture painting is one I completed this past week. I love this painting. I have been experimenting with painting with tools other than brushes to get the painting started. I then finish it off with brushes as needed in more detailed areas. I like the finished areas juxtaposed with the lesser evolved. I also love seeing what surprises will show up when I allow the painting to be what it wants to […]

New Painting – Seclusion – Turkey Vulture Painting

abstract landscape scene of camp verde Arizona by artist Mary Rae Rush Mary Gravelle
I began this oil painting of an abstract landscape on Saturday. Below is a video of the process in its beginning stages. The scene captures the essence of what I see outside my studio window. There is a weed that is covering the ground in the most beautiful shade of lime green or chartreuse. The Camp Verde, Arizona landscape is green opposed to the red dirt of Sedona. Since plein air painting with my business, […]

Abstract Landscape In Process

Southwestern Paintings for Sale The following paintings are currently for sale and looking to fulfill their destiny by finding their forever home. Is it yours? Do any of these paintings seem to be calling your name? If so, follow the purchase link. Or contact me for further information, phone (928) 254-8709, email They were all painted en plein air at a location in Sedona, Arizona USA. Celebrate the spirit and energy of the land. […]

Paintings Ready to Find Their Forever Home
I have completed the painting that I began during the inaugural 2nd Saturday Art Walk at The Collective Sedona. I painted to live music and sat on fresh green grass to amusement of my inner muse. Paint was unleashed in new ways. A new expression that included buildings emerged. It was a most delightful evening. More information is available on my My Art Notes Blogger blog. Inquiries, contact me.

New Painting: Courtyard Bliss

Triangle as Light Source, 36 x 36 x 1 Inches, Mixed Media on Wood, Copyright 2009 Mary Gravelle
Inspired Painting Series of Geometric Shapes Several years ago , I had a dream of geometric shapes as light source. I did a series of three paintings with this theme and idea of geometric shape as light source. It was a vivid dream when I was dreaming, but, as with most dreams, it faded when I wanted to recall the paintings. Triangle The first of three paintings in that series was the triangle since I […]

A Dream Inspired Geometric Light Source Series