Eden – Sedona Southwest Landscape Painting


Eden, 9 x 12 inches, Acrylic on Wood, copyright 2016 Mary Gravelle / Mary Rae Rush. Painted on location, en plein air. Varnished with an oil varnish, GamVar. Shown here in a temporary frame while the varnish was drying. I’ll swap the frame out for another one before shipping it to you.


Eden – Southwest Landscape Acrylic Painting – Sedona, Arizona

This 9 x 12 acrylic painting is a scene that I painted on location in Sedona, Arizona on the Baldwin Trail. I set up on the sandy trail where I had a lovely view of the iconic Cathedral Rock, which is the 2nd most photographed place in Arizona.

I revisited and painted three separate times at this location in order to complete this painting. The first time was at sunset, a magical time of day to see that scene. Another time was around 1 pm, a little hot and the flies were driving me crazy. The third time was more near sunset and much more pleasant.

The vibrant green against the red rock was gorgeous and reminded me of what Eden must have looked like.


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