Fluid Expressions for Empowerment


Next Workshop! – July 26, 2017

6 – 7:30 pm
Sedona Arts Center
15 Art Barn Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336 

Price: $25
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The Art of Painting Meets the Art of Dancing

Fluid Expressions with Mary Rae Rush and Zani - Rosane Gibson empowerment

With Zani and Mary Rae

We will guide you through paint and weightless dance moves that will strengthen your memory, improve your coordination, and increase your confidence. 

Self Expression for Self Empowerment. Includes Life Coaching

Next Workshop!
July 26, 2017
6 – 7:30 pm
Sedona Arts Center

15 Art Barn Rd
Sedona, AZ 86336

(We are scheduling groups daily, let us know if you have a specific date in mind)


There are great benefits of painting and dancing that promote mental health and improve your overall quality of life: It fosters creative growth, strengthens memory, builds problem-solving and motor skills, offers stress relief, promotes an optimistic attitude, nurtures emotional growth, stimulates better coordination, agility and flexibility, improves balance, spatial awareness, increases confidence, improves mental functioning, wellbeing and self-esteem, it provides a conduit to emotional release. – Rosane Gibson


FLUID EXPRESSIONS WORKSHOP from Rosane Gibson on Vimeo

Don’t miss your chance to experience your fluid expressions in dance and paint. Coming to Sedona July 26. See your expressions flow in full color. Feel the wonderment of your body moving to your unique rhythm. Your life’s journey is both an inward journey and an outward expression – yin and yang. MaryRae Rush will guide you inward, the yin, with painting and intention. Zani, Rosane Gibson will expand you outward to the yang through weightless movement of dance. Your being will come together as integrated wholeness. Experience it!

At this self-expression for self-empowerment workshop we will take you to a magical spot in Sedona, Arizona, where you will be surrounded by it’s beautiful landscape. We will guide you through paint and weightless dance moves that will unlock your potential so that you gain clarity regarding your goals in life. You will connect with your vision in an organic way. Your painting will be your vision board and personal talisman to take home

FLUID EXPRESSIONS from Mary Rae Rush on YouTube





Materials will be provided!

Is it for You?

This is perfect for visionary seekers who are looking to clarify their life’s purpose and to ignite their powers of manifestation. 



About Your Guides

Zani and Mary Rae Your Fluid Expressions Guides

Zani and Mary Rae
Your Fluid Expressions Guides


Mary Rae Rush Mary Gravelle artist painter fine art

Mary Rae Rush, Artist, Hiking Outfitter, AFA

Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle), AFA

It is my passion to help you uncover your creativity. I believe that one’s creativity is at the heart of who they really are. From that juncture of knowing who you really are, you can go about the work of developing your life into a more authentic one that is truly your own.

I have been helping people unlock their creativity since 1992. I am the founder of Wisdom Painting, Igniting Your Intentions, and Sedona Art Hikes. I have written a book on the Igniting Your Intentions process that I will publish. I attended art school. I create fine art paintings.

During this workshop, I will combine all of my work to help you to unlock the creative potential that resides within you. You will find the empowerment that you seek to create in any area of your life.

Are you ready to set an intention to let your expression flow in full color and discover what it has for you to see?
More about me here…


ZaniRosane Gibson CPC, Eli-MP

Nice to meet you! I was born to the rhythms of “bossa nova and samba” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Some friends call me Zani or Hozahni (like Rosane it’s pronounced in Brazil).

I’m the author of the Enlightenment Dance Book. As a former Dance Teacher, I have been empowering thousands of women, over 20 years, bringing them to experience higher states of awareness, improving health, creating community, happiness and joy.

I am presently facilitating workshops on “Meditation in Motion” and “Tarot Dance” – an innovative process that helps embody intentional thinking that triggers powerful manifestations.

I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

My life long passion for vortex energy healing brought me to move to the red mountains of Sedona, Arizona, where I live with my boyfriend.
More about me here…


We look forward to co-creating with YOU

​This is perfect for visionary seekers who are looking for empowerment through clarify of their life’s purpose and to ignite their powers of manifestation.  Mothers and daughters, couples or best friends that want to share a bonding experience!

1 review for Fluid Expressions for Empowerment

  1. Feedback from our 3-hour Fluid Expressions workshop:

    Wonderfully designed event … was filled with love and inspiration! Truly enjoyed the dancing, music, and painting. Art and energy at its finest! – Thank you MaryRae Rush and Rosane Gibson!!!
    – Rosie Treacy, Sedona, Arizona

    It was a special, wonderful day. You [Mary Rae] were a tremendous leader. It was heart filled, full of grace meeting wonderous souls.
    – Brian Nicholas, Sedona, Arizona

    It was truly remarkable!
    – Sandy, Sedona, Arizona

    Hi Hozani, I thoroughly enjoyed myself at Fluid Expressions on Sunday. It was readily apparent that you were both very committed to supporting we participants as well as being extremely gifted in facilitating human blossoming. I always felt genuinely supported and valued. I enjoy connecting with various others on an energetic level and, for me, being in guided groups is incredibly beautiful and uplifting experience. I did feel a connection with levels of life that I have not for some time. I knew for sure that I was the wind. Intellectually knowing this and viscerally feeling it are different and I love feeling it. My day had many of these moments of wholeness. Thank You. Blessings and Thanks
    – Brian Nicholas, Sedona, Arizona

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